And the winner is… Aylin Gul!

Aylin Gul
23 February 2014

Aylin Gul won this year’s facebook photo competition!

Congratulations from The Interpreter!

Immortal seagulls from the Bosphorus

Immortal seagulls from the Bosphorus

It was a common day in Istanbul. 

Everyone was running after the vapur, in order to join Kadiköy, the Asian side, from Besiktas, the European side.

The Bosphorus guardians – the seagulls – followed us through this daily coming-and-going. They were abreath of fresh air, a freedom feeling in this tireless town.

 Despite her share of misfortunes, Istanbul, the unfaithful woman, managed to keep us captive within her walls. She emits serenity and fascination to tighten her grasp. We are all designated prisoners.

The time was nearing for us to go down from the vapur, and surrender our place to other powerless travellers. 

It was a common day in Istanbul.

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